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Originally Posted by Parody View Post
The downside of putting multiple items in one Topic/Article is that you can't link to them directly. Nowadays you can give the Topic/Article multiple Names to get linking, but you'll still end up at the top. It's up to you whether being able to jump directly to an item's info is worth it for small amounts of info.
Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
There are some trade offs to consider.

Lots of topics is clearly superior in the way RW is meant to operate. so what if each one only holds a snippet or two on average? They all link when needed and you can add images and further info painlessly as time goes on.

However beyond a certain point, depending to some degree on your system's hardware, a realm with a lot of topics will load more slowly and will do things like create/switch tabs more slowly.
Very true. The trade off for me is not having links to various topics or articles as my system can easily handle it. I am not sure if that would be needed or not.
The major downside to creating a container for each item is that each and every time I open RW all the trees are open. In that I wish they would implement the save to include the last state.
I assume the way I am doing it is the way most people have done it.


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