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Option 1: turn OFF alwaysupdate="yes" - then, the table will only get re-ordered when a new pick is added to the table, or if the view is created again from scratch (which happens if you use the print preview and then go back to the regular HL window), or when you reload the character. But, if these are bootstraps, and this isn't the same table their root pick is being added to, the bootstraps may not even show on the table without alwaysupdate.

Option 2: Use a shortname for the abilities, and set up a sort order for that table that's based on the shortname, not the name. The shortnames should be set up to always be named "+2 to Deceive or Engineering", and not change based on the selection. Make sure not to use _Name_ as a sorting element in that sortorder, so that when the name changes, that doesn't alter that order.

Option 3 is the explicit tags.

We normally just put multiple selections that derive from the same thing in the same ability, not on separate abilities, so this isn't normally something we run into.
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