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Darkholme - First off: WELL DONE. Your contributions to the community are greatly appreciated with the data set! I am glad to see there are those "Grognards" out there who still share a passion for this amazing game!

My question to the those following this board, is this: Has anyone come up with a VtM revised data set? I am getting ready to run a chronicle via a web forum, and it would make my life so much easier if it were available? Or is the main focus now the VtM 20 anniversary? If anyone knows of a created data set, please reply via PM or here in the thread.

Much thanks!

Yes, yes. I know what THAC0 means, and remember when the lower the AC the harder it was to hit. I remember the most fearsome monster ever was the tarrasque! I am a veteran of the Old Guard of Grognards!
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