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Hi there!

So, many years after the KS, I finally managed to work with RW.
I have a top tier cloud service for the life of my account, so I think I am fine here. A couple of questions arose already, and I figured I ask you fine guys of these boards.

1) Do my players need to buy the Player Version, or will the infos be accessible via Internet?

2)Content Market? Is this a thing already?

3) My most urgent question:
I want to start inserting Infos into RW. I dm "Curse of the Crimson Throne". I am a bit of a loss, how to do it. Not inserting the Info, but as we will play more campaigns on Golarion (the world), I have no idea if I could just create a realm called GOLARION which I will use for all future campaign, or if a single CotCT realm would be better. What I am basicly asking is (I think) how to seperate world-infos (useable in all campaigns) from campaign-info.
I am sure somehone has made this experience and could tell me, what's the better way to approach this...

4) Thank you so much for your patience and help!
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