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Originally Posted by Avarice View Post
I do believe its a consequence of any class being capped L20, and the class that's being elevated rolls over to null value as soon as you exceed 20 levels of spellcasting from the prestige classes boosting its levels.

Its completely impractical in the scope of most games, as Mythic Spellcasting is itself kind of abstract, but it would've been neat to see how many prestiges boosting a given concept I could get to, and how silly some spells could be magnified to.

I've encountered this issue and that's exactly what is happening. It's a core system issue: you are trying to tell the system to increase caster level to a point beyond what it recognizes. As far as the system knows, the numbers only go from 1-20. 21 doesn't exist so it can't figure out how to handle it.
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