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Hello all!

I like to play around with odd builds for recreation sometimes in-between adventures. I keep hitting a wall when I am slapping archetypes onto casters:

"Level too high to support psionics!"

This occurs every time I exceed Caster Level 21 in a given class. I assume that this is a limitation of any given base caster class being capped out at 20? Is there any way to bypass this by toggling options in the Configure Hero settings, or would any workaround require creating custom classes instead?

Is the issue stopping me from enjoying the system/program: nope! Just a thing that'd be neat to be able to bypass. For example, I realize many spells are capped at CL20 as far as maximum effects, but some others aren't, at it would be neat to have Hero Lab handy to track a character that could do those CL40 spells like Disintegrate and other open-ceiling spells.
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