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There is a new guide out that will require some updating in Hero Labs. There are a ton of changes so you will have to look at it closely.

Here is a brief on what I found.

Fame - Fame is gone, you will no longer receive fame when playing PF2. Temporarily until there is a replacement the old boon system for Factions is still available so you can still use them and spend any fame you have, but you will not get any more fame.

Pathfinder Training Schools - There is no longer 3 "Level" you can choose for the schools. You just pick one and get the benefits for that one.

Boons - Boons are no longer slotted, from what I can tell you just get them all that you have but some like Promotional and Advanced boons are limited to one.

Factions - Champion Boons are gone, you just select what faction you want in the beginning of the scenario.

Languages - This I did not find until today, Regional languages (Core Rulebook 432) are uncommon and now require access, that was not the case in the previous guide.

Here is the link

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