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At 01:24 AM 8/14/2008, you wrote:
Here's an example PreReq from Pathfinder 8 - the class in question requires proficiency in any type of crossbow:


if (hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsHand] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsHeavy] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsLight] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsRpHvy] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsRpLgt] + #hasfeat[fWepSimple] <> 0) then
@valid = 1
Don't forget that you can use wildcards on the tag templates. If all crossbow proficiencies are of the form "wCrsXXXXX", then you can use "WepProf.wCrs?" to reference all of them. So the above code could be simplified to:

if (hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrs>] + #hasfeat[fWepSimple] <> 0) then
* @valid = 1
* endif

In addition to being simpler, if someone adds a new crossbow proficiency, the code works without needing any changes.
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