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WepProf.? exists for any exotic weapon proficiencies, specific martial weapon proficiencies, or a class that grants a specified list of weapons.


are the other items you're after.

Complain to Rob and Colen that WepSpec.? (along with WepGrFoc.? and WepGrSpec.?) don't exist, although by looking at the script for Weapon Focus, I can see how to make a version of those feats that does add the appropriate tag.

The way to find this is to add something that grants the proficiency you want (and I suggest you try getting at it multiple ways, for example Light Crossbow proficiency comes with fWepSimple, but a Wizard gains WepProf.wCrsLight), then View menu, Floating Info Windows, Show Hero Tags - keep that list up, and watch what's added as you add classes and feats.

Here's an example PreReq from Pathfinder 8 - the class in question requires proficiency in any type of crossbow:

if (hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsHand] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsHeavy] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsLight] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsRpHvy] + hero.tagis[WepProf.wCrsRpLgt] + #hasfeat[fWepSimple] <> 0) then
@valid = 1
or, to find an exotic weapon proficiency:
if (tagis[WepProf.wPFSawtoot] <> 0) then
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