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You can go into the Manage tab and change the templates for the spells to include a drop down selection box. As options of that box you can set what ever you like. You will then be able to filter on the tags that get applied to each spell when the selection is made.

For example you could filter on Low Magic and only the spells with the Low Magic tag will show on the active screen.
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You can see an example of the type of tag daplunk's talking about in my screen shot from earlier; the "Primary Skill" snippet is a single-item Tag snippet in my custom Category for a skill Specialty. It uses a custom Tag Domain which lists the various primary skills.
I had no idea that is what that dropdown box was for. Thanks for the help so far! I just hope I don't forget about this when I have a chance to get back into that part this weekend. Right now I am adding PC type stuff like the PC Pearls book (great info for the players in creating great characters) and stuff from Masks (for me).

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