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But number of posts is not at all the most important thing in terms of how to prioritize a bug. The most important is how long the issue will take to fix - if it'll take 5-10 minutes, it's very likely to be fixed quickly. If it'll take several days to rebuild the way Hero Lab handles a mechanic, that's probably going to go on the back burner.

Another thing that can raise the importance of a bug is whether it was working at one time - fixing recently created mistakes is a priority.

Also important is how easily you can work around the bug - if it just alters the prereqs, for example, making it give an incorrect error, or when it doesn't report an error it should, that's not a major problem - users can still make a working character, they just have to ignore a message, or be careful to enforce a prereq themselves.

The percentage of characters affected is also important - if the bug only occurs on a specific build that requires a particular weapon + a particular feat + a particular class ability in order to encounter the issue, that's not as important as if something that would be encountered at 5th level by anyone playing a certain core rulebook character.

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