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First, it sounds like eponette is talking about the "Hybrid Tag and Text" type of snippet, not individually Text snippets and Tag snippets.

The Hybrid snippet is, I believe, intended to allow you to type Tags and have them be recognized, so that the actual tag is applied automatically.

I don't know what game system is involved, but for Pathfinder there's a case where the Knowledge skill can be used to determine what the PC knows about a monster. The results of the check can give varying amounts of information; a better check result allows the PC to have more information. So the example of using that is to apply a GM note to each snippet, identifying what check result is required for each. In eponette's case, if there are three levels of information.. that would mean three text snippets, each with a GM Note attached identifying the "level of information".

I don't believe it can be done easily with tags.
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