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I am talking about the Pathfinder: Hammer of Thunderbolts iHamThunde

In the hands of a wielder who wears a {i}belt of giant strength{/i} and knows the weapon is a {i}hammer of thunderbolts{/i} (not just the {i}+3 warhammer{/i} it appears to be), it becomes a {i}+5 Large giant-bane returning thundering warhammer{/i} with the following two properties. One, when the bearer hits with the hammer as a thrown attack, it emits a powerful clap of thunder, causing all creatures within 90 feet to be stunned for 1 round (DC 15 Fortitude negates); the wielder is not immune to this effect. Two, the hammer’s range increment increases to 30 feet.

field[gSize].value = 1

      ~ need to check if we are wearing a belt of giant strength
      ~ if so we get the activation ability
      doneif (hero.childfound[ioBeltStr2].field[gIsEquip].value + 
      hero.childfound[ioBeltStr4].field[gIsEquip].value + 
      hero.childfound[ioBeltStr6].field[gIsEquip].value = 0)

      perform assign[User.Activation]
      field[actName].text = "+5 Large giant-bane returning thundering warhammer"
 if (field[abilActive].value <> 0) then
        field[BonEnhance].value += 2
        perform assign[wRangeInc.30]
        perform assign[wCategory.RangeThrow]

        this.gizmo.child[iBane].field[iCustSpec].text = "giants"
Then in the gizmo there are four bootstraps:
one for Thundering for example is
fieldval:abilActive <> 0

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