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So I'm using the Battle Master as a template for my Rune Knight build.

the Battle Master has a script to assign the number of Maneuvers, this script uses -

linkage[table].field[cCustTeTot].arrayvalue[2] += 2
linkage[table].field[cCustTeTot].arrayvalue[6] += 3
linkage[table].field[cCustTeTot].arrayvalue[9] += 4
linkage[table].field[cCustTeTot].arrayvalue[14] += 5

so I'm needing to turn it to a quadrary ability...and I can't for the life of me figure out where cCustTeTot came from.

because I've tried cCustSeTot for secondary and that totally didn't work. So I'd like to find the fields for Primary, Secondary, Quadrary, and Quintary versions of this.
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