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Originally Posted by pyremius View Post
I think what I was trying to say before is that I wanted Realm Works to have the option to link to an external Portfolio, instead of only embedding the Portfolio within Realm Works. That way anything the players do with their characters can eventually be automatically reflected in Realm Works instead of having to remember to go through all possible topics and look for Portfolios to delete and re-add.
The issue with this is that having it stored externally doesn't allow it to be synced with the rest of the Realm Works data. Lets say you have it stored on E:\MyData\Player1.por and create a link to that location. Now you sync your realm up to the cloud and down to another computer... And that other computer doesn't have an E: drive. Now what? We have thought of these various scenarios and don't have good, intuitive ways of solving them, so the easiest is to have it reside in Realm Works and then it can keep track of all changes. The intent is that you would be effectively transferring ownership to Realm Works for the files and that then any changes would be initiated through Realm Works.
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