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I am not a programmer, so I am just postulating here.

As a viewer, an offline use of the HLO would be of the "character sheet" with some mechanical movements being able to be made for combat and class/spell effects that changes stats.

When it comes time to level the character or add in/change out feats/spells/equipment, one would need to be online to effect those types of changes.

To really effect a reader type of offline HLO, though, there would need to be either some sort of file to open to bring up the "character sheet" or one would need to be online to bring up the character or start the app within the browser.

From what I have seen in the announcements and these boards, it seems that online use is the constent and offline use is a standby mode until internet returns to the device. This would not be usable as an offline solution for a good part of the users of the HLC program that is looking into the new shiny.
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