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Originally Posted by MatrixDragon View Post
I just downloaded the latest updates, and now I'm getting the following errors whenever I try to load herolab with Spheres of Power:

Syntax error in 'eval' script for Thing 'fSoPShfDis' (Eval Script '#2') on line 1 -> SphOfPow.XBlankTrt' not defined

Same error again for fSoPTransf on line 9

As far as I can tell, all of my files are up to date...
That error suggests a that the tag SphOfPow.XBlankTrt, which was added in version 1.25, is missing from your installation. I've double-checked and that tag is definitely in 1.25's tags file, so I'd like you to make sure you updated your core package and not just the Shapeshifter's Handbook.

EDIT: This person confirmed to me over email that updating the core package fixed their problem. I think that from now on, I'm going to schedule splatbook updates a few days after core updates instead of releasing everything at once. That way, when you update a splat, you're less likely to have missed something added to a core patch that the splat needs.

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