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Actually, overrides aren't where you want to be looking for this functionality. What you want is an option. At first glance, what you want to do is code in an Eval script.

First, here's something from the manual on how to check if you're a top-level unit (which would be the case for solos or leaders, but not models added to a leader)

if (entity.tagis[runtime.child] = 0) then
~apply effects

So, if the unit is a solo, then you remove the Tgrunt tag, add the Ssolo tag, and add 15 to the cost. Or, vice-versa if you want the higher cost to be what shows up on the unit s\election window.

If you want the option to display whether the unit is a solo or troop, you can alter the option's name in the script, so that it is named "Grunt" when the model is a grunt, and "Solo" when it's a solo. On the other hand, you could simply have the option hidden at all times to keep it from cluttering everything up.
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