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Can an override be figured at the time of model choice?

That is, I have a model that would have a nested override:

if roster.faction then
model is can be either a soldier and/or a solo. But, as a solo it costs 15 more points.

The first part of that equation is easy, just throw in:

<override index="0" group="type" empty="yes">
<tagover id="Tgrunt"/>
<tagover id="Ssolo"/>

But, I am not sure how to pull off the second part. The 15 point penalty only applies to the solo, not to the soldier (or whatever the model happensto hae been before). So, I cant just say:

<condition>type.Ssolo</condition> cause by definition of the override, that would be true no matter if it were fielded as a solo or not.

Anyone have a suggestion, other than simply creating a second datacard to handle them individually?
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