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SoP - Known Issues as of version 1.46
  • Sphere Cleric: Necromantic Focus sometimes gives the wrong bonus sphere (Life/Death). This appears to be due to the "positive/negative" selector being hidden and stuck on the "wrong" choice for characters whose channeling type is set by their deity or alignment. I can't really fix this as it is a function of how Hero Lab handles channeling selection. As a workaround, you can temporarily remove your deity and set your alignment to Neutral, then set the "positive/negative" selector to the appropriate choice and restore your deity/alignment.
  • Some users with Sphere Clerics or Sphere Oracles are unable to choose bonus talents for their domain or patron. This has been determined to be a bug with the "Extend Thing" mechanism that occurs when Things from LW products not included in the user's license are extended (an example from the Community Pack is the Kalfore archetype, which extends two Witch Hexes from Player's Companion #13). This is a bug acknowledged by Lone Wolf that is scheduled to be fixed in the next release of Hero Lab.
  • Fractional Caster Level houserule - For multiclass characters who have levels in Low-Caster or Mid-Caster classes who are treated as High-Casters with specific spheres, total Caster Level with those sphere(s) may be slightly too high. It is recommended you check the caster levels manually, and if incorrect use the "Spherecasting: Caster Level (Sphere)" adjustment to correct it.
  • [Geomancer's Handbook] Selecting the Metal package with Expanded Geomancing does not bootstrap the base Metal abilities, and consequently does not fulfill prerequisites for other Metal talents. As a workaround, try selecting Metal as your "base" package and use Expanded Geomancing to select your "real" starting package.
  • [Mentalist's Handbook] The Gadgeteer casting tradition is missing. This is because the tradition includes the Obvious Enhancements drawback, which appears in the Enhancer's Handbook. This was creating an unwanted dependency, so I have removed the entire tradition for the time being. I will add it back later when I have found a cleaner solution for handling the absence of the Enhancer's Handbook. In the meantime, you can always manually add the component Drawbacks of the tradition.
  • [Conjurer's Handbook] The Awakener archetype is not included in this package. This is because I did not want Spheres of Might to be a required package, and I have not yet figured out a workable solution for putting Might-class archetypes in Power books or vice versa.

SoM - Known Issues as of version 1.14
  • All known issues resolved at this time

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