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Originally Posted by Provos View Post
Dark Sun takes place on Athas. A planet in ruins from a war of great wizards. The environment has become very dessert like because the magic drew the life force out of the planet. It is kind of an apocalyptic situation only the strong are left.

The allowed races are different. Stat changes, new races, almost everything has psionic powers. Metal is very rare so most weapons are wood and stone. Being as the weapons are "softer" there is a greater risk for them breaking on a critical failure. The money is based on cp = clay pieces = ~ 1gp. The best armor available is bronze half-plate. There is not steel armor, iron armor does exist but it cost x5 phb price and weighs +50% over listed weight.

Just a brief summary
Post-Apocalyptic actually. If you go by the canon from the 2nd edition, the world is pretty much dead or dying... The sun is nearing the end of its own life cycle as a result of the Creation of Defiling Magic, and the carrying out of an evil halfling overlord's will to exterminate all the lesser races of the planet. Such as Gnomes, Wemics, etc. Athas is more like a post magical fallout kind of setting... magic is feared and hated by people. The Psionics are what I found to be a real problem though... I am working on converting the 3.5 material into the pathfinder ruleset. Are you using the Expanded Psionics Handbook from 3.5 in your game to handle wild talents?
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