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This is a perfect example of the type of communication you won’t be seeing in the future. I won’t hold myself responsible for company communication in the past, what I was told to post or allowed/not allowed to say, or for the prior actions of LWD employees. I can’t go back and affect decisions made before I was here, but I will continue to do my best to move forward with honest and open communication in a manner more in accordance with how I feel a business should be run and to fight to ensure as many of the company promises are fulfilled as I can. It’s going to take time. I have hired a communications director to carry my messages to places such as these forums and the multitude of social media places available to us because I cannot be here to monitor posts every day and still manage to accomplish our future business goals. I will be introducing him once he's had a bit more training. In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate everyone’s patience while I am adding his training to my already overloaded schedule.

Rob and EightBitz: I will not be removing this post as I personally believe it serves a purpose as an example, but I have put you BOTH on probation. You will no longer be able to post without authorization from an admin such as myself, your posts will go to a moderated area until approved for the public.

EighBitz: Rob won’t be responding to the post you linked, and I do understand you are frustrated but I can’t continue to allow you to be unmonitored when I can’t be here to moderate the forums full time and my new community person is not yet up to speed. I would appreciate it if you could put your frustration aside for a little bit and give the new LWD a chance. If you can’t do that, I completely understand, but please refrain from spreading your frustration in our forums and inciting other individuals. If you can do that for a time, I will lift the probation and hope to see you around the boards in a more positive way. If you’d like to discuss this further, you are welcome to PM or email me.

Edited for Clarity because I mistyped. Apologies, it's late here and its been a long day!- Talley Darkstar and EightBitz: BASIC RPG was not on my radar, it is now on my list. However, I would not hold out hope for its inclusion in the near future as it seems to be a narrow fan base making the requests and it would take several weeks of work from our data file team, so it will have to come after other major commitments we’ve made that we are working on fulfilling and other systems with a sound ROI. Genesys, I will look into further but again, it will have to be down the road some ways after we clear up our current commitments and see how much interest there is as new systems are quite a lot of work. I know that may not be the best of news and I very much wish I could wave a wand and give everyone here all the bells, whistles, and systems they desire, unfortunately, that simply isn’t possible. What I can promise is a future of honest and more frequent communications and that I will continue to do the best I can to see all that all of our products reach their full potential. Don’t stop making requests! We very much want to know what our consumers want, I just may not always be in a position to give it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful remainder of the Holiday season!

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