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Please re-read your initial post. You stated "don't have the time" in absolute terms, without any qualification whatsoever. You just revised that to "not enough time for everything" immediately above. Those are vastly different statements. I replied based on the language you chose in order to clarify that it should be interpreted as you just re-phrased it.

Given the comparative lack of interest in BRP, we didn't bother to make any sort of announcement. If someone cares deeply about seeing something added to our offerings, they can submit a support ticket to get an answer about it. Users can also post general requests here in the forums, just as the OP did, where we track what users are interested in. The latter is what I encouraged above.

There have been some major changes on this end behind the scenes. As was just announced, BJ is taking a vastly greater role in many things, including communications. There's not a lot of value in looking backwards at this point, but you'll be seeing more information about how things will work henceforth from BJ in the relatively near future.

I'm going to get back to work writing code. I won't be responding further on this, as I've made things as clear as I possibly can and need to focus on getting products out the door. If there is something you absolutely want an answer on, please submit a support ticket.

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