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Originally Posted by Bidmaron View Post
To what world-building topics are you referring? Sorry to take your thread off-track (which I can't help with), but this sounds intriguing.
Heh, it's ok. After no responses, I put in a support question as I really need this answered.

Back in the old days of the interwebs, when everyone was using dialup of some flavor unless you were at a corp or university, the author Patricia C (PC) Wrede did a bunch of Usenet posts about a list of categories she had created to help flesh out world-building for her books. Each category had a number of questions in it to really flesh it out.

Some of the questions were of a global nature. Most of them are per culture and some were per nation. Some years ago, I went through them and parsed them out for how I wanted to do things and saved it as a word doc; that's what I was trying to put into RW so I could have all that kind of flavor in my world.

If you use this search string, you'll find a bunch of results. pc wrede world building

I'd love to hear what you think when you look at them. Cheers!

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