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I am about to begin work on the Dragon Magic and Races of the Dragon sources. I would like to ask if anyone has any of the classes from either of the two books or any of the other content from them.

I already have all of the spells from Dragon Magic Entered. And Bodrin created the Dragon Devote from the Races of the Dragon as well as the Dragonborn of Bahamut created by Sendric.

I will start with the feats, and finish entering the psionics from Dragon Magic and move on to the Feats and Magic from Races of the Dragon to give you folks time to respond. If I receive no reply I will assume no one has created any content and begin working on the classes and new racial variants.

I will update post as my work progresses, so I suggest you BOOKMARK or WATCH this thread to keep up to date.

UPDATE: 10/4/2014

Feats: Dragon Magic and Races of the Dragon Feats are complete and scripted.
Spells: Dragon Magic and Races of the Dragon Spells and Psionics are completed, and adjustment scripts made.
Dragon Auras: Draconic Auras scripted for Dragon Shaman and Marshal (And feat).

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