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A new update of the Shadowrun 5 files for Hero Lab is now available from the automatic updates mechanism. This release adds the new infected character options, critters, and a few other scattered things from Dark Terrors, as the first item in a new Sourcebook #4 bundle. This bundle will be getting additional books in the future.

Sourcebook Bundle #4

Here's the full list of changes for this update:
New Releases!

  • Content from Dark Terrors is now available as the first book in the supplements #4 package! You can purchase this by choosing "Purchase Data Package" from the License menu.
Enhancements & Changes

  • -
Bug Fixes

  • Gear that is purchased as stacks of several items (such as ammunition) would not always show the correct cost at the bottom of the customize form or on the character's total gear value.
  • The information from the ? icon on the Magic/Resonance priority was listing the pre-errata information for what skills a Technomancer receives from their Resonance Priority choice.
  • The mouseover information for a complex form's dicepool was reporting that the dice pool to thread that form was using the Software skill with its usual paired attribute, Logic, but threading a form is a Software + Resonance test. Hero Lab calculated the dicepool correctly, but incorrectly reported how it had calculated that dicepool.
  • The Explorer magical heritage should offer its two free skills at rating 6, rather than rating 5.
  • The Vibro Sword and Vibro Knife were not available to select for the two-weapon attack and two-weapon defense martial arts techniques.
  • For Life Modules like Assassin's Apprentice that offer a number of points to spend on languages, each language would only count as one selection, no matter the rating assigned to it.
  • If the "Allow Unlimited Negative Qualities" optional rule was turned on, and a character bought off a negative quality that had come from their race (such as Uneducated for a pixie, centaur, or shapeshifter), the cost of buying that quality off would not be applied to the character's total build points/karma.
Data File Authoring

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