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Originally Posted by tomponzi View Post
I would really love to have someone give me a little more detail on how I can change the the images I find on the web.

In my case I am using the wonderful Greyhawk maps that have been made by Anna Meyer. There are a number of maps I would love to use that are far below Realmworks file the size limit, but exceed the pixel limit.

I know close to nothing about image files, but am I correct in assuming that when Dunkin suggests changing the resolution this would not impact the pixel limit?

Any advice would be appreciated.
I'd suggest contacting Anna directly and explain what you're trying to accomplish. She's easily the best person to be able to provide files optimized for Realm Works (and doesn't have to worry about as many pesky licensing laws, since she's making her own original work available in another format). I strongly suspect you will also not be the only person who would be making use of such files.
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