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#1 - Here's a good example. There are two profiles I have for a race: characters and special. Both accumulate points and are % based. A character has the option to ride an elephant. When the link is selected, I want the points for the character only (not the elephant) to go to the Characters pool and the elephant to go to the Special pool. Just putting the tags on units and making the elephant a linked option puts the right points to the Special total, but the combined points go to the Characters total. Using the script I was suggested here before:

if (entity.option[ecEle].selection=1) then
@base = @base - 140
@item = @item + 140

gives me the proper Characters total, but no points go to the Special pool. How do I get it so that the points are properly split while still forcing the elephant to be attached to the character and only allowing the link to be selected once?

#2 I have a unit A that can choose to add a child linked unit B. I want the count of figure in A and the count of figures in B. In some cases, B can have more B's linked to it, in which case I want the count of all subsequently linked B's. I haven't been able to get this to work at all before.

The remainder thing is not a huge deal since I've already done a work around. It was just a suggestion, but if it's not possible due to a technical issue, that's fine.

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