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Looks like each of the 3 revelations you sent me isn't showing for a different reason. My apologies for stopping after I solved the first and assuming the rest had the same problem.

I just reloaded the file you sent me so it'd be fresh and unchanged. Created a 1st level oracle and then added the Mystery of the Angel of War, tried to add a revelation and got nothing to choose from.

Then I opened your file in the editor, selected the "Battlefield Clarity" revelation and added the SpecSource.cHelpOra tag to it. Then I hit "Test Now!" for that, so my changes would be acknowledged. Next I switched over to the program, and again clicked on the revelations, and now I see Battlefield Clarity is available for selection.

"At the Chosen's Side" isn't currently showing, which at first puzzled me because it has the SpecSource tag and the correct Custom tag (though it also has an extra Custom tag OraAoW whose function isn't clear to me). However, you have given it a source for the SoS. When I went to Configure hero and enabled that source, the revelation showed up fine.

Combat Healer still wasn't showing up, even though it has the SpecSource tag, and the source is enabled. Upon looking at the Custom tags though, it only has the OraAoW tag. Once I add the Custom.MystAoW tag to it, and then hit Test Now! so the changes are recognized, I can choose it.

So keep in mind the revelation needs to have the Custom.Myst? tag, the SpecSource.cHelpOra tag, and if it has a source that must be enabled in the Configure Hero window. Also, remember that just changing something in the editor won't immediately cause a change in HL. I suspect you added the SpecSource tag to Battlefield Clarity but then didn't hit Test Now or reload the system before checking if it works.

Does that resolve the issue for you?
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