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So hereís my use case for Hero Lab on iPad.
1. I donít play Starfinder or Pathfinder 2E. I find the setting of the first uninspiring and the rules of the second unpalatable. Iím not looking to get into a religious debate, just explaining where I, personally, stand.

2. Therefore, my use case is iPad app for in-person play. The ability to apply modifiers and update my character at the table is 100% worth all the money Iíve spent on the app over the years.

3. I also like to take notes for my game on my iPad while weíre playing. I much prefer to type these out as Iím faster and more accurate while typing. Iíve tried taking notes with a stylus before, but it was just clunky. This may change with Apple Pencil, but it will still be slower than typing for me.

4. Because the Hero Lab app doesnít rotate or support multi-tasking, I found a workaround using a keyboard case from Belkin on my iPad Air 2 that allowed me to rotate the iPad 90 degrees so I could use both my note-taking app and Hero Lab at the same time without have to constantly be fiddling with the orientation.
However, Iím upgrading to an iPad Pro 12.9Ē and my faithful Belkin case will be retired. I have been unable to find a case for the iPad Pro that works the way this one does. Therefore, I have a request to make of Rob and the rest of the team at Wolf Lair. Yes, I know youíre swamped with current game system projects and pivoting to more fully support VTT play, but Iím hoping that you will consider adding one of these options to your roadmap:
A) Add Pathfinder 1E support to HLO and offer users the opportunity to migrate their book purchases over. I imagine thereís a lot of work that would have to be done here, but it seems like the best long-term solution. You could then set and end-of-life date for the iPad app *and* convert legacy game system users to HLO subscribers. Since browsers already support multitasking, we get the ability to run HLO and a note-taking app side-by-side.

B) Add multitasking support to the iPad App. This seems like it would allow you to keep the portrait orientation for the display (so no need to worry about layout changes) and provide users with the ability to run it side-by-side with a note-taking app.

C) Bite the bullet and add a landscape mode orientation layout to the iPad app. I know you have been resistant to do this in the past due to the time investment, and I agree that this is the least optimal. It would have been brilliant 6 years ago, but I think this ship has sailed. Iím only listing it here because itís still a possibility.

D) Ignore this plea for usability enhancement by loyal, albeit legacy, customers. I consider this the most likely option. I get it. Any of the other options require investment of time and money, and Lone Wolf isnít a giant studio with millions or billions to throw away on low-probability ventures. We saw that with Realm Works nearly killing Rob and no one wants that to happen again. However, if I canít get a usable app for Pathfinder 1E, Iíll probably just move on to D&D 5E full time, and that means D&D Beyond instead of Hero Lab of any flavor.
Thanks for taking the time to read through all this, and I hope youíll seriously consider at least one of these options for when the pandemic is under control and we can get back to playing around a real table with our friends.
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