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Originally Posted by Enforcer84 View Post
So I've got a subrace that adds Smith's Tools to the character and I used the script add that allows expertise if they already have it.

Phase: Post-levels Priority: 10000 Script:

~ If we're disabled, do nothing
doneif (tagis[Helper.Disable] = 1)

if (hero.tagis[ProfTool.gTooSmith] = 0) then
perform hero.assign[ProfTool.gTooSmith]
perform hero.child[gTooSmith].assign[Helper.TrainTool]
perform hero.child[gTooSmith].assign[Hide.Tool]
perform hero.child[gTooSmith].assign[Proficienc.Tool]
foreach pick in hero from BaseEquip where "ProfTool.gTooSmith"
perform hero.assign[ProfTooDbl.gTooSmith]

when I add the sub race I get errors. (attached as image)

I cannot add the skill it's not listed with the tools. If I add the Smith's Tools gear it just kind of works.
I'm no script genius but look at your foreach loop carefully... I think you should be doing eachpick.assign, not hero.assign... hero.assign sends the tag to the actor, not the pick you are looping through.


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