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There's actually a FAQ entry that answers this question:

Originally Posted by FAQ Question: I prepare my games on a desktop system and run them from my laptop. Can I run Realm Works on multiple computers?
Yes. You can utilize Realm Works on any number of computers you wish. However, the database has to be moved around between those computers. There are two ways of accomplishing this. The first is to use the Realm Works cloud server to facilitate the process, syncing your changes up from one computer to the cloud and then back down on a different computer. The second method is to make a backup of your realm database on one computer and then restore it on the other.

Both of these methods work well, but there is an important caveat to always keep in mind. You must always take care to move all your changes from one computer to the other. If you copy your database to two different computer, and then make separate changes on both computers, you will NOT be able to merge those changes back together again. So be very careful to ensure that you're always making changes to the latest version of your database.

The best analogy here is to think of your realm database as a document created with a word processor. You can create and modify it on one computer, then copy it to another computer and modify it there. However, if you make further changes to the original document on the first computer, you now have two divergent documents. The realm databases work the same way.
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