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First, AEG didn't send us the data until two full weeks AFTER GenCon
(September 2nd, to be exact). I'm not sure who you asked at AEG, but they
gave you incorrect information.

When we finally obtained the data from AEG, the scheduled "slot" for work
on the L5R files had passed, so it had to be juggled into everything else
all over again. Since we're a two-person company and there's a LOT we're
juggling, we unfortunately can't just drop commitments to accommodate
delays due to someone else. :-(

I started work on the L5R files on Saturday (note that I was working on it
all weekend, so it's not as if we're slacking off around here <G>). At that
point, I discovered that AEG didn't include fundamental information in the
data they sent us (e.g. clan affiliations for cards), so I had to scrounge
up that info and manually enter it. I also discovered that AEG changed the
format in which they provide the data to us. So that took additional hours
to adjust for. The good news is that the WoE data is now complete.

Over the past weeks, there have been lots of complaints about the lack of
reprint information in the data files. This omission has been because AEG
has not provided us with any info on reprints. Fortunately, someone
assembled and uploaded pretty complete reprint information to the CV forum
over the weekend. Since it seems to be of high importance to people, I've
been working to get all that information incorporated into the data files
for this release. Doing so is no mean task.

So, the current status is that I'm still working on the L5R files update.
I've been working on it solid since Saturday. At present, my best guess is
that I'll have the files completed sometime very late tonight.

Hope this explanation helps,

At 11:10 AM 9/21/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anybody know what is going on with the Wrath of the Emperor expansion
>update. I called AEG and they said that they sent the data over to you
>guys a week before Gencon, so that makes it about 5 weeks you have had the
>info. Any idea when it appear? The expansion is tournament legal now and
>I'd really like you rproduct to help me build my decks. It is the solw
>reason I bought the product and continued with the license.

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