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As Bob mentioned, I was at a tradeshow and I just got back late last night.
Here's the scoop.

There will be an Authoring Kit published for Card Vault. I'm pushing to get
it done this week, but it might end up being next week. The bulk of it is
written, but it's the version that the Beta team used to write various data
files and it's a bit rough in some places. I've got to go through all the
feedback from the Beta team and get the docs ready for mass consumption.

The file format used by Card Vault is XML (which is very similar to HTML).
That means it's a text file format and pretty easy to work with. The
complexity of writing data files for Card Vault is significantly less than
it is for Army Builder. The real "nasty" part of writing Card Vault data
files is the time required to enter all the data if you choose to do it by
hand. All of the data files written thus far have started with the spoiler
data in an electronic format (Excel file, database file, tab-delimited
file, etc.), from which the author wrote a smaller conversion program to
generate the Card Vault data files. As Bob mentioned, he uses Excel files
and Visual Basic, while others have used C/C++ code, and others still have
used Tcl and PHP. Since the file format is text, it's quite easy to use
virtually any tool you want for the converter.

Hang tight for just a little while longer and I'll get the Authoring Kit
released for you.

Thanks, Rob

At 08:18 PM 8/23/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>I want to make my own datafiles for some CCGs that I play that
>probably wont be released. Is there a program to make data files like
>there is for Army Builder or is there another way to do it?
>John Schmidt

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