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--- daswolfen <> wrote:
> I want to make my own datafiles for some CCGs that I play that
> probably wont be released. Is there a program to make data files like
> there is for Army Builder or is there another way to do it?

Rob is working on an authoring kit. As soon as he gets back from a tradeshow he
is attending this weekend, I am sure he can give you some details such as
expected release.

However, unlike AB, it really is not that difficult to make data files for a
CCG. Just take a look at some of the other data files for ideas.

It can be somewhat time consuming to enter all the cards if the game gets very
large, so I tend to put together some VBA code to turn the data in XL
worksheets into the data for CV. Using XL lets me massage the data as I need to
while making sure it all gets entered (I can sort on various fields, for
instance). It also means that I can carry my development environement between
any machines that have XL loaded on them.

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