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After a few weeks of non-stop work, I'm finally in the home stretch on all of the Monsters of the Multiverse monsters. It was waaay more work than I expected, as practically every single monster was changed, and in much more significant ways than a number here or some text there. And because consensus was to keep the existing versions and add these as new ones, well... I basically just redid VGM and MTOF. A good 50% of all their abilities had to be remade, to preserve the old, different versions.

Once released, the new monsters will be in the Encounter Builder, with names like "Wood Woad (Revised)". On top of that, I've improved on a few things.

Variants, like the various types of guard drakes, fiends that can summon other fiends, and creatures with higher CRs while in their Lairs, will now all be picked from the Variant features menu on each monster. So if you want a green grung, select "Grung (Revised) from the Encounter Builder, click "Add optional Variant Traits" from the Race tab, and select "Green". Any time the book shows an optional variant trait, that's where you'll find it in Hero Lab. Note that I did not retroactively change this for previous books. As nice as that would be to have, it's just way too much work for little benefit.

This cuts down on the already huge list we have in the Encounter Builder, cuts down on data size, and makes more sense considering that's what variant options are for.

Once I wrap up this stuff, I'll move into working on some Items. Basically I'll do as much as I can stand for a few weeks, release what's done, and try to give myself a bit of a break before Call of the Netherdeep hits in March.

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