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Originally Posted by Fenris447 View Post
My best guess is that you're confusing the UA version of the variant features from the official Tasha's. I just now tested the Tasha's stuff and it lists those spells and correctly adds them. If you're adding an adjustment called Class Feature Variants: Sorcerer, you're doing the UA version, not the Tasha's one.

The Tasha's version can be found by going to your Configure Hero Screen (ctrl+k), scrolling down to Optional Rules, and checking "Always Show Tasha's Variants Tab." Once that's checked, you'll see that tab where you can add the official versions.

I'm going to add some text to clarify those Adjustments are the old UA versions, not the official ones. I can see how it'd be confusing. I also highly recommend only selecting sources on your Configure Hero screen that you know you need, as you'll end up with a ton of copies between UA and official versions of things.
That was indeed the answer. Thank you!
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