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I noticed the Theurgy Wizard doesn't have the Cleric spells listed aside from the chosen domain when adding spells to the spell book.

I found this script in the XGtE data packages that combines the two spell lists and makes them work with that archetype for the Sorcerer:
doneif (tagis[Helper.ShowSpec] = 0)
doneif (tagis[Helper.Disable] <> 0)

~these vars will hold the tag expressions for spells and cantrips
~ needed to pull cleric spells into the list as well as sorceror

var cantrip as string
var spell as string
var known as string

cantrip = hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cCnKnoExpr].text
spell = hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cSpKnoExpr].text
known = hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cSpellExpr].text

~ debug "Cantrip: " & cantrip
~ debug "Spell: " & spell
~ debug "Known Spells: " & known

~ now we modify the expression to also include the cleric spells

cantrip = replace(cantrip, "sClass.cHelpSor", "( sClass.cHelpSor | sClass.cHelpClr )", 1)
cantrip = replace(cantrip, "(sClassNot.cHelpSor)", "( sClassNot.cHelpSor | sClassNot.cHelpClr )", 1)

spell = replace(spell, "sClass.cHelpSor", "( sClass.cHelpSor | sClass.cHelpClr )", 1)
spell = replace(spell, "(sClassNot.cHelpSor)", "( sClassNot.cHelpSor | sClassNot.cHelpClr )", 1)

known = replace(known, "sClass.cHelpSor", "( sClass.cHelpSor | sClass.cHelpClr )", 1)
known = replace(known, "(sClassNot.cHelpSor)", "( sClassNot.cHelpSor | sClassNot.cHelpClr )", 1)

~ debug "Cantrip: " & cantrip
~ debug "Spell: " & spell
~ debug "Known Spells: " & known

~finally, we replace the expressions with the new ones

hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cCnKnoExpr].text = cantrip
hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cSpKnoExpr].text = spell
hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cSpellExpr].text = known
hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cSplBkExpr].text = known
I'm trying to figure out how to transform this script to work with the Theurgy archetype for the Wizard, but given that the Wizard uses a spellbook, I'm not sure where to look for guidance on that.

For example, I can see the cSplBkExpr is used in that script, which is as it was for the Divine Soul Sorcerer even though it doesn't use a Spellbook, but Copy/pasting and swapping cHelpSor for cHelpWiz doesn't work either.

I had expected some script to exist to do this after you obtain all the Cleric Domain specific spells in the Spellbook, but it seems there isn't one.
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