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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
It is only obsolete because LW made it that way. Before it was free with purchase but now that it is being sold by LW they want you to have to buy it instead of using your free copy. The only reason I bought the book was because it had the spells for hero lab included. This is just so crooked by LW and Rite.

I am Steven D. Russell, head of Rite Publishing.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you, its my fault.

If you have bought 1001 Spells specifically for the Hero Lab files and feel cheated by this change, I would ask that you contact me via so we can see what we can do about a potential refund.

Lone Wolf Development has nothing to do with this error, it is entirely my fault. The original files were developed by a fan, we approached LWD at the time and asked if we could sell through them they said no as they were not set up to do so at that time. So I set up the file as a complimentary downlaod for anyone who bought the PDF or Print product.

This has now changed and I made the call to go ahead with selling the files through Hero Lab, I delete the files from the product. The incompatibility for those who have the existing files was not something I originally expected.

As my email to all customers who had this we may correct that in a further update, but that will require me paying someone to code it as Rite Publishing is a one man micro-press that hires freelancers.

The money I would use to do this will be made from the Sale of products like 1001 Spells and the forthcoming Heroes of the Jade Oath hero lab files, which were developed by a unpaid intern who has since graduated.

Again my apologies, and thank you for your time.

Steven D. Russell
Rite Publishing

Steve "Qwilion" Russell
Rite Publishing
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