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Originally Posted by hyperionahal View Post
I also am having this issue, but I have not significantly changed anything in the last 48 hours or so that I know of. Now I find myself locked out for a couple of days. I am not very happy about this turn of events, tonight was going to be the first game I played using this software. I have entered my early reactivation ticket, but with a response time of 1-2 days there is little point in hoping to use this tonight.

There may not be much you can do about it; but as far as early impressions go this is a pretty bad one.
Are you using the same actual license key string on more than one machine?

This is a problem that new users sometimes encounter. You need to use a different key on each machine, otherwise you get these re-assignment problems.

The basic product ships with at least 2 license key strings for use on different machines.
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