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Creating a custom item and some of it I've gotten - Fast Stealth, Expert Sniper got applied with no problem.

Now, I'm trying to add an untyped bonus to Stealth to the item, and maybe I'm not looking in the right spot, but can't find a bootstrap Thing for that. I can get around it by adding the alchemical bonus rcTnkStl10, but I'd like to keep it simpler, if possible.

Disregard. I've figured it out.
Although if anybody wants to help with this one instead, it would be appreciated:

I'd like an item to confer the ability of a ShadowDancer's Shadow Jump (or something like it) specifying a maximum range equal to the character's base speed (instead of the 40ft at level 4 and doubling every couple of levels after). I'd also like it to do this without looking for levels of ShadowDancer.

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