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EdtheDM wrote:
> Hey,
> There are a lot of people over on the Atomic Think Tank boards who are
> interested in the HeroForge release for Mutants and Masterminds.
> At last check, there were something like 4500+ views on the topic in the
> Fan Resources tab of the message boards.
> I know that there was a recent comment by one of the developers about
> the possibility of a March release and I was wondering if we could
> please get an update on the progress of the program.

Hi there,

I've made a post on the ATT boards regarding the status of HL - I'll try
to keep you guys informed there.

Unfortunately a March release is now looking pretty unlikely. We're
still finishing up some things for our current release; after that, we
can get back on track with the M&M package. You'll know we're making
progress when we start posting sample screenshots.

Sorry for the delays, guys!

Colen McAlister,
Chief Engineer, Lone Wolf Development
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