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> >2. Cardvault needs to remember what folder your decks are in by a game
> >by game basis.
> You can easily do this by specifying what folder to save the decks into.
> am I not understanding you correctly?

I believe he is saying that when you switch games, CV still references the
previous game's folder.

> >4. I want like be be able to set Cardvault to use the target value for
> >all versions of the same card
> You can do this with batch editing. Select the "no constraints" values for
> language and style.

That sets the Target for each card. He wants to set the Target for the cards
as a collective whole. "I want six Fireballs, I don;t care which set they're

> >8. i would like to specify information to appear both in the grid and
> >the card detail box.
> Please explain. I think I understand what you're asking for, but I don't
> want to make rash assumptions.

I think he means be abel to chekc both Column and info
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