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At 05:20 PM 2/25/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Yeah, 3:1 is pretty bad. I mean, usually you allow for some piracy
>and call it overhead, but I guess in an industry used to thinking
>that it's fine if only the GM of a 6-man group buys the rpgs, I guess
>the numbers get a bit harsh.

Another factor is that miniatures (our first product's market) and CCGs are
like crack to most gamers. When given the choice of spending $30 on
software buying another 9 packs of cards (or another 6 figures), most
gamers will gladly pirate the software and spend the money on the
cards/figs. So it's definitely a harsh environment. :-(

>OK, this is what I failed to figure out, leading to my (demonstrably
>inaccurate) whiny rant I fully understand what you're saying, it's
>just that I'm not quite used to IT companies and custservs being,
>like, you know, *flexible*

In my humble opinion, when you're a tiny company, customer service and
word-of-mouth advertising are the lynchpin to success. We've done our best
to take care of customers, and we typically get very high marks from folks.
Consequently, we've got a lot of very loyal customers. Hopefully, you'll
have the same overall experience.

>Yeah, I'm fine until I find out where the damn security hole in my
>machine is and plug it. If I have to reinstall everything *again*
>I'll let you know.

Please let us know BEFORE then. The tips I mentioned previously that help
to avoid problems have to be managed when you are configuring your system.
Basically, it amounts to configuring your system consistently in a few key
areas. If you do that, CV will still think its running on the exact same
computer (as it should).

>I'll really consider sending you a case of beer each if you start
>working on a Linux version, though. Can you in good conscience turn
>down free beer?

The Linux situation is comparable to the Mac situation. I outlined the
issues in a post about this last night, so you can take a look there if you
want the explanation. :-)

Now it's back to wrapping up V1.1....

Thanks, Rob

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