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--- Rob Bowes <> wrote (and I replied):
> The licensing scheme was borne of the fact that our previous
> product, Army
> Builder, is experiencing roughly a 3:1 ratio of pirated copies to
> purchased
> copies. That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. It also makes it
> quite
> difficult to grow a company, especially in a niche market. So we
> had to
> take more drastic steps with CV.

Yeah, 3:1 is pretty bad. I mean, usually you allow for some piracy
and call it overhead, but I guess in an industry used to thinking
that it's fine if only the GM of a 6-man group buys the rpgs, I guess
the numbers get a bit harsh.

> That being said, the licensing mechanism is NOT intended to thwart
> honest
> users. It's a checkpoint to curb piracy. You're not the only user
> that has
> run into this, and we've been very happy to get folks up and
> running again
> when the unexpected drive crash, virus infection, or whatever else
> rears
> its ugly head. All users need to do is contact us and we can
> usually get
> them running again in short order.

OK, this is what I failed to figure out, leading to my (demonstrably
inaccurate) whiny rant I fully understand what you're saying, it's
just that I'm not quite used to IT companies and custservs being,
like, you know, *flexible*

> It's a no-win situation, where either the honest users are
> penalized or
> piracy is made easy. Our goal with this solution is a minimum of
> inconvenience to the honest users and a reasonably good solution
> against
> piracy. As a tinkerer, you represent a tiny percentage of the
> target market
> for Card Vault, and unfortunately, you're going to be the most
> impacted by
> the mechanism. But there are some steps you can take to minimize
> problems
> in the future, and we'll outline them for you if you contact
> technical
> support for assistance. Please give us a chance to work with you as
> a
> customer before declaring the mechanism a failure.

Oh, I will. And I do understand that the general case has to be
pretty hardline, it's easier to widen previous restrictions than
closing up previous holes
I also understand that people in my situation should expect a certain
level of problems.

> Please send an email to with your license
> number and
> an explanation about what's occurred. We should be able to get your
> license
> operational again pretty quickly. And it sounds like the secondary
> license
> suggestion from Ed has you running again already.

Yeah, I'm fine until I find out where the damn security hole in my
machine is and plug it. If I have to reinstall everything *again*
I'll let you know.

I'll really consider sending you a case of beer each if you start
working on a Linux version, though. Can you in good conscience turn
down free beer?

> Hope this helps,
> Rob

It did. Thanks

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