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thanks for the reply

hehehe, you know you *could* satisfy both b and c by making a Linux
version. No? Ah, well. such is life, full of such little

Do I have to wait until my license is reassigned before I request the
secondary license? If not, would it be possible to install the
secondary version now, and install the primary on the second machine


--- Edward Bolme <> wrote:
> I'll let Rob handle this one, but in the mean time, I'd like to
> point out
> that
> (a) Rob is also a techie, and thus can identify with your problem,
> (b) we're happy to work with people when they have nonstandard
> needs, and
> (c) part of your Card Vault license includes the ability to have
> copies on
> two machines. Therefore you could keep a backup copy of your
> inventory,
> etc., on a second, stable machine.
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