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I'm sorry for this e-mail, I know most emails of this kind look like
a whiny pirate complaining about his copying habit being made hard,
but the fact is that I am glad Card Vault is a single purchase, not a
subscription, because if it had been I would have cancelled it today.

The single most annoying aspect about this product, is it's licensing
scheme, because it *depends*, for constant use of the program, on the
stability of the operating system (we're talking about Windows here).
I bought my copy on the 18th of December, and I had to format my PC
(hard drive change) late January. Of course, I simply cannot use CV
for 1 more month. But of course, in a way it's good, because
apparently my installation went wrong somewhere and I *might* have to
reinstall everything again. That's enough of a pain, but if I had
purchased CV in, say, October instead of December, and thus had
reassigned my license when I formatted the PC, I would have to
guarantee my PC would keep the same installation for *six* months, or
bye bye CV again.

I'm a gamer, a tinkerer, and a bored IT worker. This is NOT a
combination that tends to produce stable home machines
This means I much choose between my regular computer use or the use
of Card Vault.

Hmm, I really loved your product for the whole month I could use it.
I really did. Too bad I won't be able to use it anymore. Sporadic use
is not worth the sheer work of putting my collection in it.

Nevertheless, congratulations on a technically great product, I hope
you somehow reach the conclusion that all the other companies with
sane licensing schemes are also making money.


Abilio Carvalho

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