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This one is already on the todo list. For now, all decks must share the
same view within CV. And "Use Default View" currently only resets the
available cards view.

Thanks, Rob

At 10:19 PM 9/24/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I've got a good view definition going for the "Available Cards" side of
>the window, but the "Cards in Deck" side doesn't seem to be explicitly
>definable. If I change the widths manually there, and then try to "View
>-> Data File Debugging -> Use Default View", it doesn't change.
>What I'd like to do for the Dredd database is to set up view of deck2 to
>be different than deck1; in Dredd, you have to choose a few Judge cards,
>and they can only ever go into deck2. As a result, it's not useful to
>waste space on "Type" (which will always be "Judge"). Is there a way I
>can define a view for "Cards in Deck" (deck1) and a different view for
>"Cards in Judges" (deck2)?

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