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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
If all light armor, medium armor, or heavy armor has the same multiplier, you can use:

if (tagis[mClass.Light] <> 0) then
elseif (tagis[mClass.Medium] <> 0) then
elseif (tagis[mClass.Heavy] <> 0) then
New fields and new tag groups need to be defined in the structural files for the game system - you can't just create them on the fly.
Unfortunately, I have some crossover. For example, hide is medium armor, but has a Dex multiplier of x1. Half-plate, a heavy armor, has a x.75 mulitplier. So the crossover causes a problem. Fail to understand why the editor gives you the option to create new tags or fields, when you can't create them in the editor. Kind of self-defeating. So, essentially, if I want to make my own hide armor, I can't add anything new to it? All armors just conform to the strict letter of the d20 system? That's disappointing.

So, could I do this then? Add a script to each armor, that resets it's mMaxDex to the hero's Dex bonus * that armor's percentage modifier? How would I phase that?
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