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The critical part of the move is complete. The server has been relocated, the phones have been transferred, and everything is now working as it should. There may still be some lag in the propogation of the new server location throughout the internet, so some of you may be unable to access our server for another day or so while everyone gets the updated info. If so, please be patient and access should resume shortly.

Now we get the wonderful task of unpacking all the boxes....


At 11:06 PM 9/4/2006, you wrote:

Lone Wolf Development will be moving its offices on September 5th. At
some point the previous night, our main server will be shutdown and
prepped for the move. Once the physical move is complete, it will
take up to 72 hours more (hopefully less) for computers around the
world to be updated with the new server address. During this
interval, online sales, license administration, product downloads,
and updates retrievals will be unavailable. We'll be working to
complete the move as quickly as possible, so please be patient during
this transition.

Thanks, Rob
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